The Basics

+ How does Nod work?

Nod learns about you and your baby - your baby's sleep and feeding activity, her bedtime routines, how he wakes up in the morning - and delivers a new recommendation every day about how to improve your baby's overall sleep. You set the goal - be it sleeping through the night, weaning your baby from a swaddle, or extending his naps - and Nod will tailor clinically-validated recommendations just for you.

+ What should I expect?

Every day by 1pm ET, you should expect a new recommendation for how to do the next bedtime, or naptime, to optimize your baby's sleep. The more of your baby's sleep and feeding activity that you track, the better the app experience for you, and the more specific - and accurate - Nod's recommendations will be. As we expand Nod, the timing of the day's recommendations will get earlier and earlier and follow your preferences.

+ Who built it?

Nod is built by the team at Mimo, makers of the Mimo Baby Activity and Sleep trackers, in collaboration with pediatric sleep psychologists from around the country and Johnson & Johnson™.

+ What's next?

If you're interested in joining Nod, sign up here. We're burning the midnight oil building new features and functionality and getting releases out every one to two weeks.

+ Why do I have to sign up?

We're working hard to deliver the best coaching experience to all parents. That includes writing and loading a ton of content, building the backend and frontend to be functional, easy to use, and beautiful, and ensuring tracking mechanisms function to the highest standards. We're obsessed with quality and perfection here, so we're working our rears off as we test with a handful of parents.



+ How does tracking work?

With Nod, you have the ability to track your baby's sleeping and feeding activity, and it does all the things you'd expect a sophisticated baby tracker to do: capture bottle feeding vs. left or right breast, ounces fed or time nursing, time asleep, when she fell asleep, and how difficult (or easy!) was bedtime. We're building advanced data and analytics - it's our bread and butter, after all - that are starting to make their way into the app, as we build them.

+ What happens once I track my baby's activity?

You'll be able to head on into your baby's history and see detailed reports as well as summaries, by day, week, and month. Nod will also use the data you enter to supply your daily recommendations, to ensure the most specific, personalized coaching experience possible.

+ What's next in tracking?

We're doing a ton of work on data, analytics, and more history and tracking views.



+ How does Nod's coaching work?

Nod is built by the Mimo team in collaboration with the world's leading pediatric sleep psychologists and Johnson & Johnson™. Together, we've studied hundreds of thousands of hours of baby sleep sessions, and developed clinically-validated techniques that improve baby sleep. Those techniques have been built into Nod. Once Nod learns about you and your baby, we'll take our library of data and content, and deliver a recommendation, each day, that will help your baby sleep better.

+ When will recommendations show up?

In the current version of Nod, recommendations show up at 1pm ET each day when you're in the midst of a sleep training process - what we call a "goal". As we improve, that time will become earlier and earlier, so know that that will change.


Inspiration & Articles

+ Why do I see the articles that I see?

The articles you see have been automatically tailored for you by Nod's system, primarily based on the age of your baby, as well as other factors determined by your baby's sleeping and feeding activity.

+ What if I want to read more?

You can always search for more articles by tapping on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of the Inspiration home screen.