Rest Devices, Inc. Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Develop the First Personalized Baby Sleep Coaching System

"Nod" App Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas

BOSTON, Jan. 5, 2017 - Rest Devices, Inc., makers of the Mimo Baby Monitor and a global leader in infant sleep monitoring, today announced a collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. to develop the first smart, personal baby sleep coaching system. The app, called Nod, will be unveiled today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While the app will not be fully available until early next month, parents can sign up on the site to be part of the upcoming beta program. The collaboration was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Around the world, improving baby sleep is a leading concern for parents. Rest Devices, Inc., through the Mimo Baby wearable monitor, and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., through its JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® Baby Sleep App, have each studied hundreds of thousands of baby sleep patterns. By combining expert coaching and analytics in one app, the collaboration intends to provide parents with an advanced sleep coaching system that helps parents get their babies to sleep better.

"Parents often turn to books, web resources, or expensive sleep coaches to find the right sleep training techniques for their babies," said Dulcie Madden, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Rest Devices, Inc. "Nod's intelligent system will deliver customized insights and recommendations to parents that mirror their unique style of parenting."

Nod will first learn parents' goals, behaviors, and routines for their baby's sleep, then will create customized sleep advice for each baby based on clinically-validated behavioral techniques developed by pediatric sleep experts including Jodi Mindell, Ph.D.

"Helping parents improve their baby's sleep is a common need around the world," said Jodi Mindell, PhD, associate director of the Sleep Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a professor of psychology at Saint Joseph's University and Chair of the Pediatric Sleep Council. "I am excited to support Nod in expanding access to these evidence-based tools in this important area for parents."

Nod will launch early next month on iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit

Background on JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® Baby Sleep App
JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® Baby Sleep App, launched in 2012 and available around the world, has analyzed over 350,000 sleep sessions of more than 60,000 babies. The app provides access to JOHNSON'S® panel of sleep analysts (including sleep expert Dr. Jodi Mindell, who answers sleep-related questions); a sleep analysis that provides customized sleep advice; a sleep log for parents to log their baby's sleep; the ability to customize your sleep routine and sleep routine reminders; a link to a "parent's forum" on BabyCenter® where parents can learn from their peers' experiences; and features Tonight We Sleep™ Lullabies.

About Rest Devices, Inc. 
Rest Devices, Inc., through its Mimo Baby Monitor system, has developed the world's largest infant sleep database. Mimo monitors, available on and at over 450 Babies R Us stores nationwide, are used in over 80 countries around the globe. The Mimo Baby Monitor relays a baby's sleep activity, movement, position, and respiration to parents' smartphones in real-time via the Mimo app. The Nod app, created as a result of the collaboration between Rest Devices Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., will deliver parents the most advanced sleep coaching system for babies available. For more information visit

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Say hello to Nod.

Your baby is finally here. It’s everything you thought it could be, and more. You’re overjoyed, you’re in awe, you’re in love. You’re also exhausted. And as your new normal develops, throughout that first year, your baby will be trying to figure out how to sleep - to sleep when you sleep and to fall asleep (and sleep) on her own, as you navigate the journey of day-night confusion, reflux, weening, and independence. All of this is why millions of parents like you find themselves reading books published decades ago that supply general solutions to their baby’s very specific sleep problems, or spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a sleep coach.

Until now.

Mimo, the leader in baby sleep monitoring, has teamed up with Johnson’s, the leading baby nighttime brand, and its team of infant sleep experts to bring you Nod, the first smartphone-based personal baby sleep coach. Built upon the world’s largest infant sleep database, coupled with clinically-validated sleep training techniques developed by leading pediatric sleep expert Jodi Mindel, Nod seeks to understand what makes your family different - from your baby’s specific sleeptime routines, to habits and sleeping environments, to goals and problems - then builds a fully customized sleep training program for your baby. A program that’s unlike any other, for your baby that’s unlike any other.

Because when your baby sleeps, you sleep.