Your baby is finally here. It’s everything you thought it could be, and more. You’re overjoyed, you’re in awe, you’re in love. You’re also exhausted. And as your new normal develops, throughout that first year, your baby will be trying to figure out how to sleep - to sleep when you sleep and to fall asleep (and sleep) on her own, as you navigate the journey of day-night confusion, reflux, weening, and independence. All of this is why millions of parents like you find themselves reading books published decades ago that supply general solutions to their baby’s very specific sleep problems, or spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a sleep coach.

Until now.

Mimo, the leader in baby sleep monitoring, has teamed up with Johnson’s, the leading baby nighttime brand, and its team of infant sleep experts to bring you Nod, the first smartphone-based personal baby sleep coach. Built upon the world’s largest infant sleep database, coupled with clinically-validated sleep training techniques developed by leading pediatric sleep expert Jodi Mindel, Nod seeks to understand what makes your family different - from your baby’s specific sleeptime routines, to habits and sleeping environments, to goals and problems - then builds a fully customized sleep training program for your baby. A program that’s unlike any other, for your baby that’s unlike any other.

Because when your baby sleeps, you sleep.